Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

Anthony J. D'Angelo, American Writer


When community comes together we can create and do great things. Verano™ has first hand knowledge in this area. Corporate social responsibility and community are just as much a priority as artisan cannabis cultivation, production, and retail.

We are not only brand ambassadors. We also are stewards of the communities in which our facilities are based. Just as our products are only as good as our people; our business is only as strong as the communities in which they reside.

We witness the value of investing in the community each and every day – supporting area charities, partnering with health care providers, and committing to local education, health and civic improvements. After all, we’re in the communities where our employees live. It’s a win-win. They enthusiastically participate in bettering their own backyards and we maintain a loyal, disciplined workforce that takes pride in its contributions. Specifically, we take a four-pronged approach:

I. Corporate Social Responsibility:

Content employees create happier, more productive work environments and communities. We fully encourage and support the following efforts to:

  • Promote diversity and inclusion, investing in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for women; underwriting professional and community events that promote diversity; and contributing annually and encouraging employee volunteerism to civic programs that promote diversity.
  • Maintain a corporate environment of openness and transparency, ensuring that all facets of our operations are fair, legal, and in the best interests of our consumers, employees, and operational viability.
  • Partner with local medical, scientific and research groups, further cultivating and expanding our artisan cannabis product line to legally and safely address patients’ and adult-use consumers’ needs.

II. Diversity and Inclusion:

The best ideas and outcomes come from a collective effort. Diversity and inclusion in that effort are the icing on the cake. An environment of inclusion, diversity and social justice are a priority through the following:

  • Enforcement of an Affirmative Action Plan in all currently operated Verano facilities throughout Illinois, Maryland and Nevada, implementing practices that ensure parity in the recruitment and hiring of females and other minorities regardless of race, gender, orientation or religion –throughout the corporation including management.
  • Education and Training of Human Resources Staff and Management, ensuring a fair and legal interviewing and vetting process as well as cultural awareness regarding such practices.
  • Partnerships with local majority women-owned businesses as well as majority religious minority-owned and family-oriented businesses including Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and others, securing a better, brighter way forward for the people within our markets and the communities.
  • Involvement of third-party diversity experts, making certain that we reach our inclusion goals and maintain best practices.

III. Compliance and Security:

Trust is paramount in our business. States entrust us with a license and the hope that we will adhere to the standards set forth. Our patients and adult-use consumers put faith in us that the premium cannabis products we cultivate and produce are safe and effective. We earn your trust and ensure your safety by:

  • Securing our physical work environments for patients, consumers and employees, integrating 24/7 surveillance systems throughout all operations as well as real time data at corporate and local facilities.
  • Integrating first response measures, including onsite local retired police officers and local police departments to improve and monitor security. Additionally, fire and safety procedures analysis is conducted throughout each facility.
  • Vetting of facility visitors through registration and background checks, utilizing a secure data base to ensure safety and accuracy.
  • Maintaining stringent practices that ensure compliance of state laws and licenses, featuring state-of-the-art facilities including sterile lab environments, clean room HVAC systems, industry lab protocols and practices, and our proprietary natural and organic growing policies and procedures to ensure hygienic, safe cultivation and production.

IV. Innovation:

In a marketplace as dynamic as the cannabis industry, innovation is an essential component to our longevity. We’re committed to keeping pace with the rapid production, health care and regulatory changes in medicinal and adult-use cannabis. Take a look at our proprietary cannabis cultivation and production developments:

  • Research and development of new branded products, working closely with scientists and culinary teams to ensure efficacy and enhance consumption, respectively.
  • Utilization of proprietary distillation and formulation science, aligning with medical treatments and protocols.
  • Elevation of product flavorings and dosage precision, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of consumers.
  • Continuous development and growth of new strains, seeking those from previously unidentified regions of the world.
  • Preservation of our intellectual property, protecting proprietary information and product development procedures.
  • Continuous internal and external endocannabinoid system awareness and education, further improving the quality of our cannabis products as well as meeting the needs and ensuring the safety of our consumers.
  • Institution of medical provider outreach programs, communicating information on specific strains and proper dosages.
  • Educational and training programs for dispensaries, presenting new developments, protocols and legislation regarding CBD and THC options and the effects and proper dosing that patients and Patient Care Advisors need to know.
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