George Archos

Founder / Chairman / CEO

George Archos is a logistics and operations guru. Building on his extensive experience in coordinating complex freight delivery operations, as well as designing and operating highly-successful restaurants, George entered the cannabis industry in 2014 when he founded Ataraxia Grow and Labs in Illinois and was the first to receive authorization to grow medical cannabis out of 21 recipients of the coveted medical licenses. George's diligence, perseverance, and tireless work ethic have made him one of the cannabis industry's most successful entrepreneurs. Leveraging his unparalleled devotion to quality and a unique results-oriented approach to the cannabis industry, George has overseen the development of some of cannabis’s most highly-coveted operations and brands.

George’s restaurants across the Chicagoland area, bear the imprint of his relentless devotion to quality and unrivaled customer service, earning him multiple awards and recognition. George’s unique experience, his admirable drive, and his unrelenting commitment to quality, coupled with his capacity to establish, build, and effectively run multi-jurisdictional companies, are an asset to Verano™.

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