Sam Dorf, Esq

Founder / Chief Growth Officer

A cannabis industry veteran and architect of some of the most impactful deals in the space, Sam Dorf, Esq., serves as Verano’s Chief Strategy Officer. Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Sam is widely recognized as one of cannabis’s most successful merit-based application strategists, adept at building and coordinating local teams, lining up funding and real estate assets, and working with local municipalities to create the strongest applicant teams. Over the past 5 years, Sam has propelled Verano’s’ exponential growth with wins in Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and most recently Ohio.

In addition to heading up Verano’s expansion through merit-based applications, Sam has proven masterful in coordinating strategic mergers and acquisitions, increasing Verano’s market penetration in States where it currently operates as well as new markets that bolster the Company’s national smart-growth expansion strategy. In this pursuit, Sam has successfully raised over $40M and obtained 19 licenses spanning five States. Sam is also integral to the creation, design, and development of Verano’s diverse brands and products. From inception to execution, Sam works with Verano’s’ team of professionals to ensure that the Company’s products are best-in-class in each vertical, and has been indispensable to Verano’s stellar reputation as the creator and producer of top-shelf brands and products.

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