Tim Tennant

Chief Marketing Officer

Tim Tennant is a communications expert. His strength is crafting the storytelling architecture for public and private businesses, products of all types, and/or individuals, and then having the expertise to activate and manage that messaging across all media in its most relevant and purposeful way. Tim works with select partners and companies to create blue-sky brand vision, custom brand language, and inspired brand strategy.

Tennant is credited with over $5 billion in marketing success across consumer brands and global “Tent Pole” motion picture launches for all major Hollywood studios. Tim’s motion picture marketing experience, which is rooted in storytelling, has been called upon by brands and organizations that include Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestle’, Ford Motor Company, Intel, Lucent technology, Jeep, Callaway Golf, The National Hockey league, and the Department of Defense among others.

Tim has built, acquired and led two multi-million dollar marketing organizations with over 300 employees, and is skilled at driving business growth and diversification. Tim firmly believes that, when creating and owing the communications architecture, success must first drive revenues and expanded business opportunities, or it is considered a failure.

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