It is rare in life and business to be part of an evolutionary and revolutionary change, that can have a profound impact on human health and wellness. We believe Verano™ is in a unique position to capture a significant share of this market.

George Archos, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO


Dreaming is important. But it’s the doers that make the dreams reality – pushing the boundaries to create a brighter way forward. From our CEO to our newest staff member, we’re a culture founded on doers.

Our management team rolls up its sleeves, leading by example. They are not only experts in their fields but bring real world experiences that contribute to the veracity of our work and philosophy. Some have built their own companies. Others have battled cancers similar to those we serve. Still others have been strong community advocates. More than a few are embedded in the culinary and scientific fields.

Each Verano facility has the distinction of capturing the ever-elusive unicorn – a sustainable business model, superior products, profitability, high company morale and loyalty, and community support. These are the beacons to a brighter way forward.

George Archos
Founder / Chairman / CEO
Sam Dorf, Esq
Founder / Chief Growth Officer
Ron Goodson
President / Chief Operating Officer
Tim Tennant
Chief Marketing Officer
Anthony Marsico
Executive Vice President Retail
Darren H. Weiss, Esq
General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer
Chris L. Fotopoulos
Executive Vice President–Legal Real Estate
Maria Johnson
Director of National Sales
Cary Millstein
Director International Markets
Cathy Lindfors
Director of Human Resources
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