Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.

Albert Camus, French Philosopher

Camus' philosophy is the very fabric of Verano™. We create artisan cannabis products that improve lives and inspire brand loyalty. Our approach and innovations allow us to stay ahead of the competition, laying the foundation to expand beyond our current state licensed facilities. We foster a culture of collaboration and pride. As a result, the communities in which our facilities are based yield a vibrant workforce and a robust economy.

Our name, which means summer in Italian, reflects a warm and sunny mission – to create and sustain a brighter way forward. We view our work and the world in which we live through the lens of endless possibilities. Whether it’s the patient in need of medicinal support, an adult-use consumer maintaining a sense of wellbeing and happiness, or a community with the desire to reinvent itself, Verano recognizes that a brighter future is dependent upon the work we do today. Our mission is supported by:

  • A meticulous, forward-thinking business model, ensuring that each vertically integrated cannabis facility is profitable and sustainable from seed to customer.
  • Corporate social responsibility and community engagement, entrusting our people with growing the company and its communities into dynamic, viable places to live and work.
  • Innovation and craftsmanship through world-class genetics and proprietary cultivation and manufacturing protocols, creating pure artisan cannabis products that exceed industry standards and enhance the lives of patients and other adult-use consumers.
  • A corporate culture built on respect, collaboration, a can-do spirit, and a commitment to excellence, encouraging an open door policy, pursuit and support of education and training, and pride in every contribution.

Our people are smart and work hard. All possess intrinsic qualities – humility, personal accountability, cooperation with others, and passion and pride in everything they do. Consequently, we sustain a business that consistently produces premium cannabis products that enrich lives – leading our people, consumers and communities to a brighter way forward.

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