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A brand name is more than a word.  It is the beginning of a conversation.


In today’s technological world, reputation spreads like wildfire. Verano™ takes it seriously. The best way to promote our brand is to create a pure, premium product.

But even that won’t satisfy us. We guard our reputation just as we would a family member’s. We take things a step further. Constantly striving to improve our medicinal and adult-use consumption brands. We work hard and plan well to expand our reach. We employ the best people in the industry and do what we can to enhance our Verano communities. We walk the talk with our brighter way forward philosophy.

From State of the Art Facilities to Our Consumers

In a more health-conscious society, we more carefully consider what we put into our bodies. You want to know that products are made with the purest ingredients and in hygienic, state compliant facilities. If you know that the artisans behind that product put their heart and soul into it – even better.

That’s what you get with every Verano brand product. Each state-of-the-art facility, featuring a sterile lab environment, is where we conduct the cultivation and production of natural artisan products. Our lab and kitchens are where our culinary experts and researchers develop, test and refine products.

We believe that our products should be more than palatable. Like anything we ingest, we want it to be a full sensory experience – aromatic and a delight to the taste buds. For our patients, we also want to ensure that our medicinal brands have the efficacy to treat their symptoms and are gentle on their digestive and immune systems.

From the equipment and HVAC system to the staff and security measures, no detail has been overlooked or truncated. We’ve been successful to date because we’ve done more than just cross our “T”s and dot our “I”s. Not only do we comply with state and industry lab standards, we’ve even implemented more than a few proprietary protocols and policies. Think of it as an added level of insurance that your cannabis products are made with the utmost care.

This uncommon yet exceptional level of attention to detail means that we produce a smaller share of products than most. Would you rather have a finely crafted, carefully aged wine in smaller quantities or more from lesser quality, mass-produced and overly processed grapes? We’ll opt for the former, as do our customers.

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