Investing in Verano

Why Invest in Verano™?

We think big. But thinking isn’t necessarily acting. We do both and do them well. Then armed with the pride in a job well done, we go even bigger.

Make no mistake though. We go bigger with a tremendous amount of planning, extensive knowledge and experience, a smart and talented staff, and more refined, effective products. We have laser-focus in building credibility for this industry, ensuring that every human has an opportunity to find a brighter way forward.

Our thinking bigger mentality lends itself to diversifying our offerings and expanding our growing facilities and dispensaries. We employ our four pillars: Cultivation, Production, Brand Creation, and Retail. These multiple revenue streams strengthen our financial position and allow us to weather the ups and down of the economy as well as broaden our market reach.

A Five-Pronged Approach to Longevity

Since entering the cannabis market, we have reached milestones in months where it’s taken others years. It’s that sense of purpose and pride for our accomplishments that motivates us to do more, create more, and serve our patients, adult-use consumers and communities in impactful ways.

People depend us. Our patients rely on our artisan cannabis as part of their health care. Our employees count on us to create a supportive, stable and fulfilling work environment. The communities where we’re based trust that we’ll contribute to their economic stability, social support services and pride of place. Investors and shareholders want assurance that our work is worthy of their time, resources and efforts.

We couldn’t agree more. After all, how could we claim that we’re shepherding people to a brighter way forward if we didn’t have our act together? It’s why we created a roadmap to ensure our commitment, longevity and success.

American educator and advisor to US presidents, Booker T. Washington said, "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." We lift ourselves up when we lift our employees up. They, in turn, help lift up those in need of our medicinal and recreational cannabis products. Those customers bring revenue to the community, helping to elevate it as well. It’s a lifecycle that brings vitality and pride to every group involved. We’re proud to say we’re a part of it. Take a moment to explore our plan:

I. Corporate Social Responsibility:

All human beings have a social and moral responsibility to help others. We start with our employees because we know that if they feel supported, they’re more likely to do the same for others.

We fulfill this pledge by:

  • Ensuring inclusion and diversity in our workforce. We underwrite professional programs like STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as well as those for women in business and technology. Our company actively participates and supports diversity outreach and events in our communities. All Verano employees are encouraged and supported to actively volunteer in various civic programs related to diversity.
  • Upholding an environment of openness and transparency. We place a premium on the core values of integrity, humility, fairness and personal responsibility. Those extend to all aspects of our business. Whether it’s an open door policy or full disclosure of our practices, the public, customers, employees and shareholders have our assurance that we’ll always operate in a fair, legal and ethical manner.
  • Collaborating with local medical, scientific and research groups. As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” Cultivating, producing and selling cannabis products is a team effort. Working with others ensures the safety and legality of our products and those who consume them.

II. Diversity and Inclusion:

Thomas Jefferson recognized that choice was necessary when he penned the Declaration of Independence noting, “ …endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” So it shouldn’t be surprising that he recognized the value of hemp in enhancing our lives.

We believe unalienable rights should include the right to live in a diverse culture that embraces social justice too. We created such an environment through:

  • Enforcement of an Affirmative Action Plan in all currently operated Verano's facilities throughout Illinois, Maryland and Nevada. Women and other minorities are assured a fair and equal recruitment and hiring process throughout all levels of the corporation. It includes making sure that human resources and management legally and fairly interview and vet candidates. Additionally, we raise awareness and sensitivity regarding cultural differences as well as work with third-party diversity experts in our inclusion goals and best practices.
  • Partnerships with local majority women-owned businesses and majority religious minority-owned or family-oriented businesses. We support organizations such as Women’s Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise and others.
  • Creation of mentorship programs and career development. Whether it’s a woman, veteran or minority, we have programs that provide career development and mentorship to ensure that they have the same opportunities as any other employee within our organization.
  • Benefits and pay that exceed legal requirements and expectations. We provide benefits for same-sex partners, equal pay for equal work, and a strong sense of community and corporate culture that is reinforced through management mentorship programs as well as community- and company-wide events and programs.

III. Compliance and Security:

Complacency is bad. Compliance is good, especially when it comes to adhering to state guidelines and protecting our patients, adult-use consumers and intellectual property. We take the following measures:

  • Securing our physical work environments for patients, consumers and employees. We closely monitor our operations – from our corporate headquarters and growing facilities to each dispensary – 24/7.
  • Adhering to fire and safety standards and practices. We collaborate with local law enforcement – onsite and offsite – as well as fire departments to monitor security and safety across all channels of the business and at each location.
  • Conducting registration and background checks of all employees and facility visitors. The personal safety of our employees and visitors as well as the security of our proprietary information and physical locations is of the utmost importance.
  • Implementing stringent practices in compliance of state laws and licenses. Our state-of-the-art facilities include sterile lab environments, clean room HVAC systems, rigorous industry lab protocols and practices, and our proprietary natural and organic growing policies and procedures to ensure hygienic, safe cultivation and production.

IV. Innovation:

One of the great innovators of the 21st century, Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” We’re determined to stay in the former category.
Each day, we’re looking into new ways to use cannabis. We’re making discoveries that up the ante in the world of organic cannabis cultivation and production:

  • Continuously researching and developing new branded products. Our chefs are exploring novel methods for improving cannabis’ efficacy. Verano’s culinary team experiments with new recipes to enhance the flavor of our edibles.
  • Leveraging proprietary distillation and formulation science. We’re improving medical treatments and protocols such as dosage precision to safeguard consumers’ health.
  • Cultivating and growing new cannabis strains, while preserving the intellectual property of those developments.
  • Raising endocannabinoid system awareness and education. Informed consumers are our best customers. It’s why we are committed to ensuring their safety and satisfaction through educational programs including medical provider outreach.
  • Supporting educational and training programs for dispensaries. The best way for our bud tenders to help our customers is by ensuring that they’re well versed on the latest cannabis developments, protocols and legislation. Armed with better knowledge about CBD and THC options, they can more successfully advise patients on the right products, proper dosing and anticipated effects of each.

V. Branding, Marketing and Sales

You can have a superior product that offers maximum benefit. However, if you have no way to get it to market, it’s useless. We’ve built a creative, ambitious team of storytellers, marketers and salespeople to herald our new discoveries and artisan cannabis products. We execute this program by:

  • Securing shelf space in new markets, while continuing to strengthen agreements in our current ones.
  • Acquiring existing businesses as well as applying for new licenses as opportunities arise in new markets. We rebrand these existing businesses to reflect our core beliefs, products and culture.
  • Establishing and reinforcing relationships with top advertising and media companies. We work with companies like Weedmaps, Leafly, Marijuana Business Daily, Green Flower Media and others, raising awareness about our products. We also rely on these mediums to educate prospective health care providers, patients, adult-use consumers and the public about the benefits of our cannabis products.
  • Presenting our brand, product lines, cannabis developments and benefits via our sales force and networks in an effort to more accurately and comprehensively inform patients, adult-use consumers, dispensaries, industry leaders and other key stakeholders.
  • Sustaining our industry leadership and market share by developing and producing new products including flower strains, edibles, herbal hybrids, concentrates, oils and topicals. We place a premium on creating the highest quality, purest artisan cannabis products on the market.
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