Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Paul J. Meyer, American Businessman


To be a sustainable entity, we can never let up on the gas pedal. It’s one of the reasons we created a plan that is as deep as it is diverse, as tried and true as it is inventive, as precise as it is evolving.

In a burgeoning industry, it’s all too easy to jump on the bandwagon without formulating a roadmap that’s just as productive and profitable tomorrow as it is today.

We have a responsibility to meet our consumers’ best interests and ensure that we’ve developed a footprint that will adapt to industry changes seamlessly and profitably. The following accomplishments back our commitment to bringing this vertically integrated business into the next phase, while maintaining our ability to shepherd patients, adult-use consumers, employees and the community to a brighter way forward:

  • Our business plan is centered around our four pillars of cultivation, production, brand creation and retail, ensuring enough diversity and multiple revenue streams to weather the ups and downs of the economy, regulatory and health care changes, and consumer habits.
  • Equally important is our continued emphasis on making premium, handcrafted products in controlled quantities. The superior quality, stellar reviews and finite availability elevate our products’ market desirability and value.
  • Currently, we are licensed and operating in seven states, while in the process of solidifying seven more markets.
  • Our facilities are large and impressive: Our total cultivation expansion capacity is 900,000 square feet (Illinois, Maryland and Nevada). We’re pesticide-free, meeting all testing and certification requirements, and have Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)-designed facilities and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We retain unique and rare cannabis genetics as well as develop in-house brands, producing 1500 kilograms of cannabis oil annually (and the ability to expand on that) and maintaining a 5000 square foot commercial kitchen that strictly adheres to Safe Quality Foods (SQF) standards.
  • We’re expanding our reach – currently operating three cultivation and production facilities servicing over 150 retail dispensaries in a market of more than 40 million Americans.
  • Verano’s deliberate approach focuses on large markets where we’re the first in.
  • Strong operational backgrounds enable us to maintain a strong cash flow.
  • We successfully operate and manage the entire cannabis operation and supply chain, from seed to sale.
  • We have a proprietary portfolio of over 150 product SKUs, and the highest margin of products between our stores as well as those of our competitors.
  • Our growth will continue through the acquisition of new licenses and existing businesses as well as leveraging relationships within the research and development sectors.
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